No, seriously, if you sit on your rights, you stand to lose them


It is always frustrating to try and help a client who has come to me (the attorney) for help after there have been significant negative events happening in their situation without responding or mitigating the damage.  A client may come consult with me, I explain what needs to happen, they don’t do anything to protect…

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“Common Law” marriage in Utah

Will Contests

At times the issue of common law marriage arises in the context of divorcing parties, or separating parties, or those who need to establish a legal marriage relationship.  Utah law on the subject is as follows:  30-1-4.5.   Validity of marriage not solemnized. (1) A marriage which is not solemnized according to this chapter shall be legal…

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Why mediation works

mediation lawyer

Mediation is generally very successful in family law cases.  It provides a safe forum for people to sit down and communicate respectfully regarding their concerns and desires, as well as to have their reality challenged if they are a bit off.  The setting is confidential, so nothing that is said in mediation can be used…

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Crazy making behavior

meditation lawyer

In our community of family law practitioners, we have heard some local mental health treatment providers use the phrase, “crazy making behavior.”  This phrase specifically refers to people who engage in behaviors that make you want to go crazy because they don’t make sense, they are irrational, etc.  There are many reasons that a party…

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Interesting Article on the Timing of Divorce

I just happened to run across this interesting article, “Best & Worst Times – Financially – to Split Up.”  Interesting thoughts, though I don’t necessarily agree with everything in the article (see my prior posts on those subjects).

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Contested Divorce is Expensive

Of late I have been contemplating a flurry of incoming phone calls from folks looking at getting a divorce or who have been served divorce court papers by their spouse.  It is no surprise that, given the current economy or not, cost is a huge concern for people, as it should be.  Costs to be…

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The life of a divorce

The life of litigation as it normally applies to a divorce case can be divided into three main phases: Initiation Phase, Discovery Phase, and Resolution Phase.

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Divorce and Holidays

Holidays are the most difficult times to deal with a divorce. Try to be aware of this and make sure you are occupied with friends and/or relatives.

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What “Contested” Divorce Means

What does it mean when we say a divorce is contested? What it DOES mean is that there are provisions in the divorce petition that the parties don’t agree on. What it DOESN’T mean is that you can fight against there actually being a divorce.

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