Child Support Utah

Child Support Utah Guidelines

Child Support Guidelines in Utah can be challenging to understand. Utah requires that a baseline support amount for children is calculated based on the non-custodial parent’s income, the number of children and whether there are exceptional circumstances.  There are also cost-of-living adjustments that can be added to support orders as well. If you’re unsure how…
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Child support in Utah

Who Pays Child Support in Utah?

  The term ‘child support’ pertains to the financial contribution of non-custodial parents to the raising and upbringing of the child. Such an amount is given to the custodial parent to cover child support expenses, such as food, shelter, clothing, and medical care. For you to learn more about how these are determined, seek legal…
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legal separation meaning

Legal Separation vs. Divorce

In an ideal world, every married couple will foster a relationship that will last forever. Unfortunately, however, not all marriages lead to a nurturing and loving family. If you are currently considering a divorce petition or legal separation, seek legal advice from trusted Orem family law lawyers early on. At Gravis Law, we have the…
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How adoption agencies work

How Do Adoption Agencies Work?

Adoption laws on newborn or infant adoption involve a complicated legal process. There are different types of adoption services available, each with specific adoption requirements and rules. If you plan to adopt a child, seek legal advice from trusted Orem family law lawyers early on.   An Overview of the Adoption Process An unmarried individual…
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Alimony meaning

What is Alimony?

  Alimony, spousal support, or spousal maintenance are generally grounded on the idea that a divorced spouse has the right to live the same quality of life that he or she previously had before filing for divorce. While alimony can be awarded to either one of the divorcing spouses, it is the husband that has…
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Orem Family Law Lawyer

Is Using a Child Support Calculator Accurate?

  In addition to parenting your kids once the divorce is finalized, dealing with child support issues is not easy. What makes these legal matters more complicated is the fact that child support guidelines may vary from state to state, and relevant statutes may differ depending on the jurisdiction. For Utah residents, in particular, child…
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