Divorce attorneys for mediationIf you’re going through a divorce and you’re having a hard time coming up with a settlement agreement that works for both parties, mediation may be the solution you’re looking for. Mediation is the process of facilitating negotiations to help divorcing couples settle contested issues regarding alimony, child custody and visitation, child support, and property and debt division.

Under Utah divorce laws, you are required to go through mediation before you’re allowed to bring your family law issues in front of a judge. This is because divorce law in Utah recognizes that an arrangement agreed upon by you and your spouse is preferable to the solution that divorce court imposes. In some cases, the domestic court commissioner will require you to attend mediations several times before going to trial. Whatever the case may be, you can find comfort in the fact that most divorce cases get resolved through mediation or post-mediation negotiation between the divorce attorneys.

How to Prepare for Mediation

It’s important to be prepared for each mediation session, as it can be emotionally draining. Make sure to review the issues that are being disputed by both spouses, and decide how much you’re willing to negotiate to arrive at a compromise. Remember, the point of mediation is to come up with a solution that both parties agree on, rather than both parties insisting on their wants without coming up with a mutually agreeable resolution.

An experienced Utah divorce attorney can help go through all of the disputed issues and determine an acceptable buy ambien dark web compromise that takes your needs into consideration. Having legal counsel during mediations has its benefits, such as:

  • Preparing for each mediation session
  • Explaining your rights and obligations in mediation
  • Understanding the financial significance of each dispute
  • Negotiating with the other party on your behalf

Court trials can be expensive and time-consuming, and how a family law judge decides to settle any remaining disputes may not necessarily be to your liking, which is why mediation is a good way for divorcing couples to come up with a settlement agreement.

What Happens in Mediation

There are several ways to conduct mediations. Some divorcing parties can mediate in the same room, while others stay in different rooms and communicate with the help of the mediator. A mediator is a neutral third party who will facilitate communication and dispute resolution between the two parties. While the latter arrangement takes more time than the former, this arrangement helps avoid emotional issues that arise out of the mediation process.

If you’re considering mediation to put together a settlement proposal, it’s best to hire a Utah divorce lawyer who can help with negotiations while putting your interests in mind.

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