No, seriously, if you sit on your rights, you stand to lose them

It is always frustrating to try and help a client who has come to me (the attorney) for help after there have been significant negative events happening in their situation without responding or mitigating the damage.  A client may come consult with me, I explain what needs to happen, they don’t do anything to protect their rights, and then after there are negative consequences because of their inaction, they come to me wanting me to try and undo the negative result.  It is often too late for me to do anything, or it is very difficult (read “expensive”) for them to have me try and fix the situation.  Even when there is something that I can do, the results are not as good and more expensive to obtain than if we had addressed the issues at the time of the first consultation or when the negative facts arose.

Lesson learned:  Act now!  or begin preparing yourself to accept and live with the negative consequences of your inaction.