Contested Divorce is Expensive

Of late I have been contemplating a flurry of incoming phone calls from folks looking at getting a divorce or who have been served divorce court papers by their spouse.  It is no surprise that, given the current economy or not, cost is a huge concern for people, as it should be.  Costs to be considered are not only financial, but emotional and relational.

When looking at whether or not to litigate divorce, the first difficulty is always to determine how much you can afford to contest the divorce.  In order to understand the costs of divorce, it is important to understand the life of a divorce where to buy klonopin without a prescription case and what it entails.

In recently talking to a former judge, he noted that alimony is the area where a judge has the greatest latitude and discretion to decide what, if any, alimony award there will be.  Because there is such great latititude, this is an area where there can be great expense in trying to prove if and what alimony should be.

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