What is Alimony?

Alimony meaning

  Alimony, spousal support, or spousal maintenance are generally grounded on the idea that a divorced spouse has the right to live the same quality of life that he or she previously had before filing for divorce. While alimony can be awarded to either one of the divorcing spouses, it is the husband that has…

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“I don’t understand zero”

child support lawyer

There is a saying going around our community of family law practitioners that was started by a domestic commissioner here, “I don’t understand zero.” A parent will be hauled into court for failure to pay child support.  The parent will say that they have lost their job, or their income has been reduced for some…

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Free Legal Clinic October 25, 2011, 6:00 – 8:30 p.m.

Legal Clinic

NEWSRELEASE October 5, 2011 UVU’S LEGAL STUDIES PROGRAM TO SPONSOR FREE LEGAL CLINIC Through a joint effort between Utah Valley University’s Legal Studies Program and the local legal community, those in need of legal services will be able to receive free legal advice at a clinic scheduled for Oct. 25 in the UVU Library. “This…

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Waste of the Marital Estate

When a spouse grossly misuses property of the marriage, to include cash or money earned by either of the spouses, this is termed “waste of the marital estate.” Examples of waste of the marital estate include, but are not limited to money spent on extramarital relationships or gambling.  Marital assets expended on habits or hobbies by…

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Contested Divorce is Expensive

Of late I have been contemplating a flurry of incoming phone calls from folks looking at getting a divorce or who have been served divorce court papers by their spouse.  It is no surprise that, given the current economy or not, cost is a huge concern for people, as it should be.  Costs to be…

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Calculating Alimony

Divorce clients appropriately ask about how alimony is calculated.  In Utah, there is no specific formula for alimony as there is for child support.  The most accurate outline for how alimony is determined is the law itself, which can be found by Clicking Here, specifically paragraph (8).  The application of the law to every case…

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What “Contested” Divorce Means

What does it mean when we say a divorce is contested? What it DOES mean is that there are provisions in the divorce petition that the parties don’t agree on. What it DOESN’T mean is that you can fight against there actually being a divorce.

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