Giving up parental rights for adoption in Utah

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I recently received the following request for information fromk a potential client: In the State of Utah, how long do the birth parents have before terminating their parental right after the birth of the child?  In other words, how long after the birth of a child can the biological parents voluntarily can you buy ativan in india…

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Preserving Father’s Rights

Preserving Father's Rights

There is a saying I learned from a fellow lawyer that I often quote, likely even on other blog posts I’ve done: “If you sit on your rights, you stand to lose them.”  Truer words were never spoken when stated in the context of an unmarried father protecting his parental rights and filing a paternity petition…

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your attorney starts the Esplin | Weight Family Law Blog

Family Law is an emotionally complex and legally specialized area of law. A good legal counselor in this area can assist an individual in navigating the potentially devastating effects of divorce, post divorce or adoption proceedings.

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