Giving up parental rights for adoption in Utah

I recently received the following request for information fromk a potential client: In the State of Utah, how long do the birth parents have before terminating their parental right after the birth of the child?  In other words, how long after the birth of a child can the biological parents voluntarily can you buy ativan in india relinquish their newborn child?  My answer is – –

In Utah, a birth mother can voluntarily give up her parental rights after 24 hours after birth or 24 hours after the birth mother is no longer under the influence of any medication that would inhibit her ability to understand and voluntarily relinquish her parental rights.

The biological father would have the same time frames, etc., except an unmarried biological father need not consent to relinquishment if he has not preserved his parental rights by filing the appropriate declaration of paternity with the Utah Department of Vital Statistics or initiated and served the mother with a paternity action.

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