Crazy making behavior

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In our community of family law practitioners, we have heard some local mental health treatment providers use the phrase, “crazy making behavior.”  This phrase specifically refers to people who engage in behaviors that make you want to go crazy because they don’t make sense, they are irrational, etc.  There are many reasons that a party…

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How to avoid a divorce by not getting married

From a facebook post: For all of you single ladies who are in such a hurry to get married, here’s a quick piece of Biblical advice: Ruth waited patiently for her mate, Boaz. While waiting on your Boaz don’t settle for ANY of his relatives: Brokeaz, Poaz, Lyinaz, Cheatinaz, Dumbaz, Cheapaz, Lockedupaz, Goodfornothinaz, Lazyaz or…

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Divorce Humor

Divorce humor – The reason divorces are so expensive is that they are worth it

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