Why Legal Help is Necessary When Handling Divorce Papers



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Filing for annulment, going through legal separation, or getting a divorce is emotionally draining. Whether you have no children or have several, opting for the dissolution of a marriage and getting divorced from your spouse is not easy. More than the necessary filing fees, court fees, and attorney fees, what divorcing parties have to go through in terms of their emotions are the non-economic costs of a divorce. 

Going through a divorce can become both costly and stressful, for all the different parties involved. If you have plans of filing for divorce, it is important to get legal aid from a reliable Orem family law attorney. He or she can look into your circumstances and give legal advice based on the specifics of your case. Since no two divorces are the same, it is crucial to get someone who will spend time reviewing all necessary details. An experienced divorce attorney can help you learn how to file and get a divorce with less stress.

What this article will focus on are reasons why availing of the legal services of an expert is necessary when handling divorce papers. These include, but are not limited to, the following reasons:

  • Divorce laws and the actual process of divorce vary from state to state
  • When filing for a divorce petition, all court forms must be properly filled out


Divorce laws and the actual process of divorce vary from state to state

If you wish to obtain a divorce, you must have someone who can explain to you any applicable state law. Under Utah divorce law, for instance, divorce cases can either be uncontested or contested. In an uncontested divorce case, a married couple generally agrees on how the dissolution of marriage takes place.

In contrast, if there is disagreement on certain aspects, a contested divorce case will be filed. In contested divorces, child custody and other crucial matters are decided upon through court hearings, which can be quite messy. Because of this, most couples try their best to settle for an uncontested divorce, since the legal process is financially and emotionally less stressful.

The time that must elapse before the divorce procedure is over may also vary depending on state laws. In Utah, for example, there is a 30-day waiting period before a divorce is completed. This waiting period can only be waived given an extraordinary circumstance and with additional requirements. Assuming that the family court grants a divorce to parents of minors in less than 30 days, both parties must first complete the Divorce Education Course before they officially get divorced. This may or may not be the case in other places.


When filing for a divorce petition, all court forms must be properly filled out

There are different grounds for divorce and different ways of proceeding with your filing. Hire a lawyer specializing in family law so that all relevant statutes will be taken into account. Divorce filings involve very serious subject matter and several documents must be prepared and submitted accordingly.

A lot of divorce lawyers get inquiries on how to file an uncontestable divorce petition. Before one can file an uncontested case in divorce court, there must be paperwork showing that both parties agree on all aspects of their petition for dissolution of marriage. These aspects would include:

Additionally, there might be other papers that must be submitted to the local courthouse. When you file for divorce, it might be necessary to submit to the court a fee waiver request. From the name itself, this is essentially a request addressed to the judge, asking him or her to waive court costs that are normally necessary when a couple is going through a divorce.

All these divorce forms can be quite overwhelming. Get legal representation and have a competent Orem family law attorney help you as you fill out your divorce paperwork. 


Getting a reliable and trusted local attorney

The uncontested process of divorce is generally an ideal option as it is much simpler. It is also often much shorter since couples do not have to go through certain steps, such as evaluations for child custody. It is for this reason why a lot would prefer this ‘quickie’ divorce filing. However, there are many instances when it is inevitable for the couple to go through the contested divorce process. If spouses are unable to negotiate and if resolving disagreements related to the petition for divorce is impossible, a competent family lawyer will be by your side as you go through the divorce trial in the courtroom. 

For questions on residency requirements, required forms and paperwork, or steps to take after divorce proceedings have been finalized, give us a call. Contact a trusted divorce law firm that can assist you with divorce proceedings and paperwork. Call us at Gravis Law and consult with our hands-on Orem family law attorneys.