Premarital property

Premarital property is that property that each spouse brings into the marriage, which is each their separate property and generally not considered part of the marital estate.

As in all things legal, there are exceptions to the premarital property laws.  The biggest exceptions have to do with commingling of premarital property or debts with marital property or debts.

The key to maintaining premarital property separate from marital property, or keeping premarital debt separate from marital debt, is to keep the property or debt in separate accounts and to service the property or debt where to buy ambien online reddit from separate accounts.

The easiest types of property to maintain as separate is actual, physical items of property that do not require maintenance or upkeep, such as great-grandma’s cedar chest, or that painting/picture that I had  before I was married.  Really obvious premarital property includes personal items such as momentos, pictures, letters, jewelry, etc.

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